Footboll Knob


Footboll Knob

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Footboll Knob is your most basic cabinet handle, suitable for doors and drawers a like.

Knobs are installed with a single screw.

On drawers and pull-out cabinets, knobs are typically centered on the drawer front.

But you can also set your knobs toward the upper part of the drawer front.

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Size : Small

Material : Zinc

Finish : Black Antique , Black White

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    Roxy Cabinet Handle


    Roxy Cabinet Handle

    There are many different uses for cabinet handle.

    These are required in kitchen cabinet and drawers, pantries, dressers, and many other small storage areas in your home.

    You can attach these Roxy Cabinet Handle to a board and then that board can be mounted to the wall.

    In this way, the Roxy Cabinet Handle can be used for hanging pictures, hats, and various other things in the house.

    Your kitchen is also full of such small kitchen cabinets and drawers, all of which require cabinet handle.

    There are available as Roxy Cabinet Handle with different dimensions as 4″ ,6″ and 8″ .

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    S.S. Cuddi Sofa Leg

    S.S. Cuddi Sofa Leg

    They will give your sofa a fresh, modern look.

    These sofa legs are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

    Made of high-quality materials, The sofa legs are very sturdy and stable.

    There are available as S.S. Cuddi Sofa Leg with different dimensions 2″, 3″, 4″ and 6″ with size  65mm.

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    Rajwadi Square Curtain Bracket


    Rajwadi Square Curtain Bracket

    The Rajwadi Square Curtain Bracket Pair will enrich the look of your  home interior. 

    These brackets are ideal to add a stylish and aesthetic look to the interior.

    We check these curtain brackets on durability and sturdiness parameters to provide the best range to buyers.

    These bracket will give a Stylish Look to your window display. 

    These are made of Premium Quality Stainless Steel.

    100.00 85.00
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    Premium Cutlery Kitchen Basket

    Premium Cutlery Kitchen Basket

    • These Premium Cutlery Kitchen Basket which are useful to store small accessories like spoons, knives and forks.
    • The partitioned arrangements helps to store the cutlery and to keep the kitchen top tidy. 
    • The washed cutleries can be put straight way into these baskets since these are made up of rust proof stainless steel.
    • Easy to use ,Perfect design ,Permium quality and High strength of basket.

    They are available Premium Cutlery Kitchen Basket with different width dimensions as  15″, 17″, 19″ and  21″ along  with height dimension as  4″ and depth dimension  as  20″ .

    Material : S.S.
    Shape : Rectangle


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