Yuva Cabinet Handle


Yuva Cabinet Handle


Give your home a makeover with these elegant Yuva Cabinet Handle.

Made from white metal, they can update the look of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

This cabinet handle can do a lot for enhancing a style or be used for a quick and inexpensive update, whether it’s on kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or hallway furniture.

There are available as Yuva Cabinet Handle with different dimensions as 4″ ,6″ and 8″ .

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Material : White Metal


  • Aesthetic design
  • Stunning look
  • Easy to fix

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    S.S Tower Bolt

    S.S Tower Bolt

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    Triphy Curtain Bracket


    Triphy Curtain Bracket

    The Triphy Curtain Bracket pair will give a royal treatment to your window display.

    Our offered brackets add elegance to the look of the interiors with its beautiful design. 

    They are crafted of beautifully to use in your living room, bedroom , kitchen, bathroom or office for adding a touch of modern style to your decor.

    130.00 115.00
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    Cup & Saucer Kitchen Basket

    Cup & Saucer Kitchen Basket

    • In household kitchens these baskets are of vast applications.
    • It has in-built compartments for placing cups, saucers ,Crockery and small plates.
    • These modular kitchen drawers are made of Stainless Steel and is always free from corrosion.
    • These basket Rust free, seamless glossy finish, high-quality product completely safe for storing food products & kitchen utensils.

    They are available as wired Cup & Saucer Kitchen Basket with different width dimensions as  15″, 17″, 19″ and 21″along with height dimension as  4″ and different depth dimensions  as  20″, 22″ .

    Material : S.S.
    Shape : Rectangle

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    Classic SS Sofa Leg

    Classic SS Sofa Leg

    They will give your sofa a fresh, modern look.

    These sofa legs are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

    Made of high-quality materials, the sofa legs are very sturdy and stable.

    These legs look great on any upholstered furniture like chairs, sofas, footstools etc., also can be used on sofa, cabinets and wooden furniture.

    There are available as Classic SS Sofa Leg with different dimensions 2″, 3″, 4″and 6″ with size 65mm.


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